The Misery Olympics

by JFX316

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So, 2014 was kind of the worst year of my adult life. Furgason proved that being black in America is a shootable offense. And it happened to A LOT of people. Music continued to be pretty mediocre. Death Grips “broke up”. Republicans took over Congress. Bill Cosby probablly raped women. Gamergate was a thing that people took seriously. And more that I can’t remember because I tried to forget. It sucks and 2014 can go fuck itself.

The following is the first part of how it felt all last year. The record is called “The Misery Olympics”. It’s the pre-show to the full length called “Pissed Off for No Reason” later this year. Shows will happen. Telepathik starts March 4th. Support independent artists and venues. Fuck the Grammys. Fuck millionares “keeping it real”. Fuck publicity stunts. Reality isn’t real.

God, take your hand off the wheel and keep driving.



released March 4, 2015

Beats: JFX316
Words: JFX316
Samples: Yes




JFX316 Yellow Springs, Ohio

Rap game Solid Snake, wanna be MF Doom, Possible Narcoleptic/Definite Insomniac, internet entity. Chuck D, DMC and Humpty Hump follow me on Twitter.

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